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For startups


Who are you and what can we accomplish together?

Is your startup in the acceleration phase, ready for a big move, and in need of a partner you can trust to get you scaling? Instead of investing a lot of time on complicated procurement processes and finding the right people to talk with, startups should focus on taking their business to the next level. Sopra Steria already have the clients and the network you need to get you there. 

Large organizations search for new ideas and solutions every day. Still, it can be a challenge for a small startup and a large organisation to find common ways of working and collaborate together. 

That’s where our global ecosystem initiative Sopra Steria Scale up comes in. We know that our clients are searching for new ideas and solutions every day, and we also know that startups have already started building the right solutions that might be a good fit. Our industry- and client expertise mean we can identify needs and challenges and put your start up together with our clients where your solution might be exactly what our clients need.  

Our goal is not only to bridge the gap, but also take an active role in the collaboration project facilitating the innovation process and focus on scalability from day one and build win-win cases. Does this touch your heart? 
— Then Sopra Steria Scale up is right for you and we look forward to talk. 


Why Scale up?

We don’t just want to help our clients. We also want to build a great partnership with your startup, and help you grow.

Organisations search for new ideas and solutions every day. Still, it can be a challenge for a small startup and a large organisation to find common ways of working and cooperating.

That’s where the Sopra Steria team comes in. We want to close the gap between big clients and small startups, and make collaboration easier for everyone.

Our clients wants us to be proactive. Based on our industry- and client knowledge we can also identify startup solutions that could be a good fit for our clients where our client proximity mean that we together with the startup can design a use case and get this validated from the clients. 

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This is what we can bring to the partnership

Through Sopra Steria Scale up we can offer all the things we think you will need to grow and meet the needs of your new clients:

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International and local markets

Our international network of innovation hubs and local offices creates a flow of ideas and expertise across borders. Break out and reach new markets all over Europe.

Experiences mentors

Experienced mentors

Sopra Steria is a leading company in digital transformation, with experts on a wide range of fields. Learn from our experienced team and get mentoring in management, economy, procurement and pitching.
Close client contact and solid leads

Close client contact and solid leads

For years we have worked closely with our clients in the private and public sector. We talk to our clients every day, to stay updated. Know what the future holds and get regular updates on ongoing client projects.

Our financial services

Our financial services

We have business consultants that can help you make the right financial decisions for your business and grow. Benefit from investment opportunities and great financial advice.
Marketing and PR

Marketing and PR

Our global marketing team understands local and international clients. Reach new markets and grow your global reputation.
Meet-ups and networking

Meet-ups and networking

We host local, national and international events where clients and startups can connect and share. Find your next opportunity and learn at our events.
Tech partnerships

Tech partnerships

Sopra Steria has global partnerships with some of the biggest technology providers in the market. Choose the right solutions for your growing business.


We can offer you modern and functional workspaces. Let us think about the office space so that you can focus on getting work done.
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Our motivated people will help you on your way, whenever you need extra team members to reach your project goals. Let's work together. 



Startups can contribute in developing the public sector and larger enterprises, and Sopra Steria and their Scale up program is an important player on the team to cover the customer's needs. They create innovation and possibilities by connecting the large players and the young startups. We have participated since the beginning, and have established relations that has led to cooperation and interesting projects.

Daniel Karlsen, Chief Commercial Officer i Semine AS


The Scale up Challenge-process

Every Scale up challenge is different. The amount of work, time and demands will never be the same for every startup or project. Still, you can be sure that we will make the process as effective and smooth as possible. Here are the first things you can expect: 

Scale up process


Client presents the business challenge.




You let us know why and how your business can deliver on what the client needs.


Get to know the team

Selected startups will sit down for a meeting with the Scale up team, to discuss what you need and how the partnership can work.



Within three weeks, we’ll let you know which startups are shortlisted for each client.


Client interview

You meet the client to talk about 
the project and their needs.



We announce the startups that are chosen to enter the negotiating phase.



We sit down together and set the terms for the collaboration, and create a deal that works for everyone.