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Innovation is all about connecting the dots

Open innovation and collaboration has never been more important as the speed of technology development increases as well as business volatility  


Sopra Steria Scale up is based on the mindset of open innovation where collaboration and ecosystems are vital. We connect the dots and combine innovative solutions from startups and scaleups with real business problems, into that we add a structured way of running innovation processes to make sure one can go from idea to reality when exploring new business opportunities. 

Open innovation is defined as:  “A situation where an organization doesn’t just rely on their own internal knowledge, sources and resources for innovation (of products, business models) … but also uses multiple external sources (such as clients, partners, startups etc.) to drive innovation.” Focusing on this we aim to  

In a world where technology and business models changes with an exponential speed ecosystems and partnerships will be the competitive advantage of tomorrow to increase innovation capabilities and revenue streams.  In order to succeed with innovation the need to look outside its own organization will be more important. Sopra Steria Scale up is based on the mindset of open innovation.  

With Sopra Steria Scale up we aim to be the bridgebuilder and help startups to get access to the clients. For our customers we can assist to get access to the latest of technology to unlock the values and benefit from collaborating with the ecosystem.  

Sopra Steria Scale up’s vision is to be the preferred partner for catalyzing open innovation and also provides services in order to build in-house innovation capabilities both in short- and long term perspective. 

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Digital first is our main strategy. We want to give our customers access to new and better technology, while at the same time innovating in order to stay competitive. Therefore, this is an exciting concept to try.

Gøril Aune, Director of the accounting division at DFØ